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image resizing...

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Is there any way of using a shortcut key to set whether the images opens in its original fullsize, which is what i have it set too anyway.. And then use a shortcut key to switch it so that the image then gets resized to fit monitor window width maximized?

At the moment I when opening really large images I have to ctrl+mousewheel to shrink them down so i can get a better view of the entire image, but it would be so much better if I coudl have a way of quickly switching between the above options..

Or even something like this.. I open an image, resize it to something i'm happy with, then hit a key the image is then resized to fit that window width with filters to make it look better.. and then next image I view (mousewheel scroll to get the next image) is opened within that window and resized to fit it aswel.. then I only have to press the shortcut key again to disable it?

Anything like this possibe pleaeese :)
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