XnViewMP0.39 Custom-fields in "Betrachter"

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XnViewMP0.39 Custom-fields in "Betrachter"

Post by karls0 »

today I have installed XnViewMP 0.39 on my LINUX-box, running aptosid-64bit. It works fine (as far as I can tell after one hour of playing around.

There is only one thing, that seems to be broken:
In "Settings"you can set up, what is displayed beneath the thumbnails. Everything except "Custom1" works. Is there a description of what to write into the definition of custom-felds?

My definition for Custom1 is: {Focal Length}mm f/{F-Number} {Exposure Time}s {ISO Value}iso
and that is exactly what is displayed.

Any help?

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Re: XnViewMP0.39 Custom-fields in "Betrachter"

Post by xnview »

Must be {EXIF:Focal Length}mm f/{EXIF:F-Number} {EXIF:Exposure Time}s {EXIF:ISO Value}iso
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