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Re: Exif Date - Date Taken

Post by sasko1 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:44 am

xnview wrote:
sasko1 wrote: So, the problem is that if I want to view image from Windows explorer with XnViewMP, the order is not right. Is there any chance that XnViewMP would work this way too again? That would remember the folder setting?
In XnViewMP, the sort is by 'exif date'? XnViewMP doesn't use sorting from windows explorer
Yes, and if I view from XnView browser mode, everything is OK.
But I am almost sure that this worked also if I opened images from Windows explorer. But never mind, if not possible, I won't push it. :) Will have in mind that when I make sessions with 2 cameras, I'll use XnView browser.

But will try to fix the thing that bothers me... will open new topic with screens, to try to solve it. Thanks anyway.

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