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improve slideshow functionality

Post by kuifje »

Hi pierre,

I read in a remark in one of the other topics that you are still working on xnview, I hope at some time there will be a new release also for the pocket version!

If there is, I have a couple of (hopefully small) requests to improve useability of the slideshow functionality:

1) play slideshows from (*.pls) playlists.
Rationale: current slideshow functionality allows to play the contents of a folder as a slideshow. However, in many cases, people will want to play only a selection of the pictures in the folder, or pictures from multiple folders. As far as I know, with current Xnview, in order to do this, you would need to create a separate folder and copy your selection to that folder to do this. That is not an optimal way, working with playlists would be way cooler. In addition, allowing xnview to play playlists automatically implies other cool possibilities such as playing a slideshow with one click from the filebrowser or home screen, and starting a slideshow automatically after a certain period of inactivity.

Note: you can add the functionality to create and manage playlists, but it is not really necessary because there are other apps that already do that.

2) "Fill the screen" functionality

With my pda (Dell axim x51v) in its cradle in portrait position, displaying landscape pictures is never perfect: either the picture is way too small, or you can blow it up with "Fill to screen" and not see the whole picture. I prefer "Fill the screen" but:

a) The slideshow mode does not seem to respect the fill the screen option. It automatically selects the fit to window even if fill the screen was selected
b) Normally the most important part of the picture is in the center, so it would be nice if the picture is shown centered!

BTW, on the xnview homepage, xnview pocket version is still shown as 1.40 instead of 1.50

Thank you for taking these suggestions in consideration!