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Thank You!

Post by Guest »

Thank you for XNView Pocket. I have been looking high and low for an image browser like XNView for my Casio E-105 and E-125.

XNView Pocket works great on the E-125 but not on the E-105 (older PPC ROM).

Nevertheless, thank you!

John F. Cantrell
Winter Springs, FL

Post by Robotbeat »

If I were you, I'd get a ROM chip to upgrade your e-105 to an e-115. I have an e-115 (I bought it new in 2000, I think), and I still use it! My two other PPCs have broken down, but my e-115 is still chugging along!

Anyways, I've upgraded an e-105 to an e-115 before. It's really simple, honest.