Req: Cache two different thumbnail sizes

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Req: Cache two different thumbnail sizes

Post by JohnFredC »

Most of the time I use rather large thumbs. But sometimes I need to see a lot of thumbs at once.

My request is that XnView store 2 sizes of thumbs in the cache: "small" and "large".

This is how it would work:
  • The options dialog would allow me to select two different sizes for thumbs.

    When caching thumbs, XnView would automatically create and save BOTH sizes.

    Then, with a toolbar button (or menu option, of course) I could switch quickly between the two sizes without waiting for the thumbs to be rebuilt.
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Opposite and same…

Post by Clo »

—> JohnFredC

:) Hello John !

• Although it's the opposite situation here - I use the most times small thumb nails and need larger ones from time to time -
I support your wish !

• To switch between the two sizes, I would like a button… :wink:

• This leads to get something we have now in TC, and I proposed there, totally ignored by the Author, it seems :|

:mrgreen: KR
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Post by ouistiti »

:arrow: JohnFredC

I support and for the Clo's button too (and the Manager, I did already)


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Post by Olivier_G »

Please see the other thread. I still prefer my suggestion (you would specify the large size in cache and freely adjust the small version in realtime, for example). Of course discussion is much welcome there.
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Post by pic_viewer »

One more wish: when changing to the bigger thumbnails I would like to have a different layout too. Usually (with small thumbs) I have the folder tree on the left. With the bigger thumbs I remove this to have more space available for viewing. So such an action (changing thumbnail size) should include the current/desired window layout.
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