Reset Zoom/Fit to window toolbar button missing

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Reset Zoom/Fit to window toolbar button missing

Post by ilgaspa » Fri Mar 30, 2007 8:05 am

Right now we can add these commands to the toolbar


it think we miss a command like "cmd_ZoomFit" or "cmd_ZoomReset"
Let me explain: from the preferences i set XnView to "Fit image to window, large only"... now as I browse the images the viewer auto fits them to the window... but if I'm viewing an image and i zoom it in, I've no easy way to reset it to "fit to window" (or better, to what I've set xnview to do in the preferences)... At best I can use the / keyboard key to fit the image to the window but a toolbar button like "zoom_fit" or "zoom_reset" would be better ;-)

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