Harder "Autolevels" (like Photoshop)

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Harder "Autolevels" (like Photoshop)

Post by brotondi » Sat Apr 21, 2007 7:39 pm

Especially with indoor photos Autolevels of XNView messes less than the one of Photoshop.

But in most outdoor pictures Photoshops Autolevels makes a better job than XNViews.

One example: http://home.pages.at/brotondi/Photoshop.html. Use Next to load the XNView Autolevels and then switch with Alt-Left/Alt-Right to have a fast comparison.

Suggestion: Create an "Autolevels (Photoshop)" or "Autolevels Outdoors" or something like that.

But anyway Thanks for your Indoor-Autolevels. This one is missing in Photoshop ;)

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