"keep date/time for saving" checked by default ?

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"keep date/time for saving" checked by default ?

Post by spacemarine »

Minor suggestion / change:

GENERAL --> File Operations --> "keep date/time for saving"

Is checked by default. Wouldn't it be better if it was unchecked
by default ? Because the normal, default behaviour of most applications
in general is that saving a file changes its date and time ....
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Post by foxyshadis »

It is, but enough people preferred to keep file dates that it was switched to default.
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Had a bug…

Post by Clo »

—> foxyshadis

:) Hello !

• I tend to agree with spacemarine, I would prefer unticked by default…

- When I process an image file, I like to see its time-stamp updated directly.

{ Anectode }
- That option had a pretty (funny) bug I reported HERE nine months ago. Fortunately, it's fixed, but it has been very annoying !

:mrgreen: KR
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