[Suggestion] In-memory extracting of archives

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[Suggestion] In-memory extracting of archives

Post by wOxxOm » Mon Dec 17, 2007 6:20 pm

Currently browsing a zip archive is though immensely handy feature of XnView but it leaves thousands of temporary extracted files and those are NOT deleted (which alone is a bug of course).

But the main thing is that since it's very easy to extract archived files to a RAM space (as far as I know all modern unzip/etc libraries allow do that), XnView would substantially improve user friendliness of archive browsing in terms of: (no) disk space used, ergo far more speedy building of thumbnails(!).

A somewhat related (and mentioned a few times before) aspect of archive browsing is a behaviour of the Enter / doubleclick hotkey on the image displayed which belongs to an archive. Currently it's counter-productive (it shows TEMP folder of the Windows) whereas isn't it an obvious improvement to let the browser regain focus of the archive being explored?

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