discarding all changes in saving dialogue is a mess

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discarding all changes in saving dialogue is a mess

Post by loth » Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:13 am

hi all and a happy new year :-)

xnview discards all changes the user made without telling the user that it will do so.

steps to reproduce:

open a file, select some area in the picture to crop that (shift+x)
on the cropped image, press ESC.
xnview now (if not choosed before: never ask again) asks: do you want to save changes to 'foo.jpg'?
choose: yes (because you want to save the changes)
now, xnview asks: the file <foo.jpg> already exists. do you want to overwrite?

choose NO, because you dont want to overwrite, but change the name, to give this cropped picture a decent name and feel totaly astonished,
when xnview quits the dialog and discards all the changes you've made.

i supposed, that a rename-dialog would be better than this behaviour in this case. or automaticly name changeing, or anything, but *not* discarding the changes without telling the user so.

anyone can reproduce this?
any ideas?

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