Video thumbnails splitted in 4 small screens

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Video thumbnails splitted in 4 small screens

Post by xnview_fan »


How about making XnView show video thumbnail splitted in 4 small screens with different parts of the video?

I have seen this in other apps, it is a perfect way to show video thumbnails!!

Maybe using the ffmpeg?

Like this:
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Post by mastabog »

I second this ... highly useful!
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Post by Koogle »

you mean like a slow animated thumbnail type preview of the video?

which other apps have you seen it in?

personaly I think it would be about bloody time MS sorts Explorer out to allow better customization of thumbnail video clip generation.. to allow you to specify it to take nSnapshots from each video clip and storing them in the thumbs.db.. then when you mouseover a video clip it plays the number of thumb snapshots it grabbed...

i've only seen it done on websites, as a sort of video preview.. not in any applications.. saying that I'd much rather see Xnview improve in other areas not so much VIDEO.. but certinaly this feature could actually make using XNview animated thumbnail browsing of video formats very useful.
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Post by phobos »

I would also be interested in this or animated thumbnails, like on:

I realise that xnview is mainly a photo viewer / editor, so the pressure to improve those parts are higher. But if there are other programs that do this that anyone knows about that support multiple video formats like xnview I would be very interested.

After reading about Intel demoing an app that showed the video thumbnails in a gallery actually playing on their new I7's, just looking at static one frame shots seems a bit behind the times..... Obviously it would need to be optional for people with lower end proccesors and not enough storage.

But even just 4 frames per thumbnail, start, 1/3, 1/2 and 2/3 of the way throught the video that started animating on mouse over would be a big help.....
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Post by reptilexcq »

I like this feature cuz i seen it on another program but that program was too slow for generating video thumbnails. XnView is the best when it comes to generating thumbnails whether video thumbnails or image thumbnails.

One problem i have is that the video thumbnail does not expand and fit the height width dimension selected?? The image thumbnails expand and fit according the dimension but not the video.

And webpage thumbnails for video can not be generated. Only for images.
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