Slide show command line parameters

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Slide show command line parameters

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Pierre, thank you for all the new slide show features and bugfixes, but I still miss one important thing though.

I have suggested similar suggestion here. This is another one, perhaps easier to implement.

Command line parameter(s):

-runslide <D:\Pictures\FolderA\Image1.jpg> run the slide show with the image1.jpg, then show all images in FolderA (then perhaps go to D:\Pictures\FolderB...)


-runslide <D:\Pictures\> run the slide show with all images in the folder D:\Pictures\ and its subfolders

Perhaps also with options (as additional parameters), for example:

-runslide t8 window800x600 random loop notitle <D:\Pictures\>

It would be similar to quick slide show.

Hmm... I'm not sure if this would be easier to implement, perhaps the other way would be better, just a single option - path instead of the file list, but there is no reply there. :(

I need this because I want to run slideshow always with the new, updated images. When I create the .sld file, then add the new images, I have to (re)create the new .sld file manually each time. This is very annoying.