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Wallpaper changer

Post by Dreamer »

First - what I want is NOT a fully featured wallpaper manager. I don't need it, therefore I don't want to use another program for it either. HotkeyP (I'm using for lot of other features) has a feature to change wallpaper, but it's using Windows options (fit to screen, tile, center) only, these options are completely unusable - "fit to screen" change the aspect ratio of picture, tile and center show just small part of large picture. BTW - if' you're testing Windows 7 - is there any progress, better fit options?

XnView has a better option "Best fit to desktop" but it's the only usable option and it's not perfect - therefore I've suggested a new feature here - it's very important also for this feature.

So what I'd like to have...

- Option to set the folder which will be used for wallpapers
- Option to set which picture to use - next, previous, random
- Fit option (centered, tiled, fit to desktop, best fit to desktop, fit to desktop width*)
- Option to set how often to change a wallpaper, for example: on Windows start, every day, every hour...
- Perhaps a simple filter - width must be larger than height, resolution must be larger than..., file size must be larger than...
- Option to add a task to Windows Scheduler
- Command line parameters (for xnview or nconvert) to be able to manually use them in any scheduler/program, HotkeyP for example, to quickly change wallpaper with the keyboard shortcut, e.g.:

-wall "D:\Pictures" random fitwidth wide 300kb
...to use a random picture with size larger than 300kb with width larger than height in D:\Pictures (and subfolders) as wallpaper and fit to desktop width - start the new instance of XnView, exit when done.

This solution doesn't need another application starting with Windows and it shouldn't bloat the program.

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Re: Wallpaper changer

Post by kewl »


Can we have an option to control the wallpaper filename as well?
I am using virtual desktops with Dexpot and it needs to refer to a fixed filename for the wallpaper.
The changing name of xn makes it impossible to use with Dexpot.
A simple switch option like "single mode" (for the people who have limited space or have the same Dexpot issue I have - then Xn have the same behavious as ACDSee or IRFANVIEW) OR "history mode" would solve this problem.