Dialogue for canvas size

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Dialogue for canvas size

Post by Peter2 »

started a discussion of the captions used in the "Canvas dialogue".
Postby Peter2 » Tuesday, 13 Jan 2009; 23:38 wrote: If you are modifying "canvas" - for me there is a trap in understanding the meaning of the word "position" in the dialogue.

Always I have to think - what does "Position applies to": Position of the existing image (new canvas on the other side) or position of the modified canvas"?

Now I know - it is the "Image Position": Please add the word "image" to the describing string.
Maybe Pierre (and Helmut) can take a look at this?

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Re: Dialogue for canvas size

Post by helmut »

Right, "Image position" would make the dialog a bit clearer. The space for the label is very limited, though.