Face detection and manual tag faces feature

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Face detection and manual tag faces feature

Post by Dreamer »

This idea is a workaround to Face recognition suggestion, it's one of the most important features I miss in XnView. It looks it's impossible to implement it easy, so what about (at least)...

...face detection only please! Then the context menu with keyboard shortcuts to tag instantly.

Here's an example:

- pres the shortcut for face detection
- first face detected, context menu opened, it should be customizable, with shortcuts:

[0] New name*
[1] name surname
[2] name surname
[3] name surname
[9] name surname
--- name surname
--- name surname

(The shortcuts should be just numbers, both standard and numpad should work.)

* pressing the 0 would open dialog with name field, this name would be saved and added to the end of list

- press the shortcut, e.g. numpad 1
- second face detected, context menu opened
- when the last face will be tagged, auto-switch to next image and detect first face

(If there are no faces on the picture, skip it. If the last picture in folder is reached, switch to next picture in the next folder.)

This way should be compatible at least between XnView Win and MP, perhaps with other software too, if possible, if not at least write the names into IPTC so it would be possible to search in other software.

Searching, filtering names should work similar to categories, if two names would be selected, then list all pictures with both names. It should be implemented to standard search and quick search filter too.

Then in fullscreen information should be possible to display all names of all people on the picture too.

Another idea, perhaps add a contact info for the names, e.g. email, phone number, facebook - then just click to open default / custom contact. Perhaps it could be encrypted somehow, if possible. All these options should be optional, of course.

Another option - tag places, things, add www and go to that www on click (this would be a way for advertising in pictures, e.g. click the product to go to the product homepage, or click the Eiffel Tower to go to wiki page...). I don't know how to make use of it, but perhaps some companies would pay for it - and perhaps not, but I'm still think it's interesting.

Here's another post - suggestions for Android version, incl. face recognition and face detection.

Please support this suggestion if you like it, I need to tag my pictures and I want to do it in XnView. Thanks.

Pierre, do you think you could add this to Windows or MP version this year?