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Compare Directories function

Post by dosdan » Sun Nov 20, 2011 3:46 am

I'd like to see a Compare Directories function. At this stage you can only find the same files and see them one at a time, but I was looking for a way to locate the different files.

I had 187 raw files in one directory and 157 JPEGs derived from them in another directory. I had removed some of the JPEGs because it was for a slide-show on a video which I needed to reduce in length, but I'd also stated on the the back of the DVD cover where to download all the full-sized images from the event. So I just wanted to process the 30 missing ones. I could not just process the 187 raw files again, because I'd applied a fair amount of post-processing after the initial raw conversion.

So I'm suggesting a Compare Directories function, where you can show ONLY files with the same filenames in both directories or ONLY the filenames that aren't in both directories, and with an "Ignore extension" tickbox.

This way, in my example, you could identify which 30 raw files did not have corresponding JPEGs. Then you could select just these files and copy/move them or apply batch processing.

Another use of this would be if, after deleting the 30 JPEGs because you decided you really didn't want them, you could also easily locate & delete the corresponding raw files, leaving 157 raw files in my example.


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