Improve Thumbnails Caching management

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Improve Thumbnails Caching management

Post by Olivier_G »

When Cache is enabled, if you rename folders/files or move/copy files with XnView, all Thumbnails will be recreated and cached again. The previous cache is not deleted until using 'Optimize'.

It would be way much faster and efficient to only update the Cache information accordingly:
- rename a Folder => change target and name of the cache line
- rename files => change targets of cached Thumbnails
- move files => move their cached Thumbnails in the new line +change target
- copy files => copy their cached Thumbnails in the new line +change target

Another suggestion: 'Optimize' should show the results right after (currently: you need to close/reopen options to check the effects in the cache). I also believe that empty lines should be deleted (or you might end with lots of useless old folders...).

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Post by ch3n3 »

Yes... And is it possible to have a "Hotkey" (?) for "Optimize" / "Rebuild" the Cache ?

There is another very good request / suggestion (from Dreamer) here ;-)

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