Compressed files fullscreen viewer

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Compressed files fullscreen viewer

Post by faltonico »

It is terribly selfish of me just to sign in for this, but this feature would make this program even more useful than it is right now for me, and i'm sure many more would think so too...

¿can you make the viewer "view" packed files directly in fullscreen? like .zip .rar etc. with a simple right click and choose "view with Xnview"?

Right now you have to open xnview, browse the position of the file and browse the contents of the packed files one image at the time. The usefulness of this feature is that you would be able to see the contents of the file as easy and fast as you can in full screen, and browse the contents scrolling the wheel of the mouse.

There are some other image viewers out there that can do that (manga viewers), but many of them are not being supported anymore, some are paid, and some are simply loaded with useless stuff that just makes to view more complicated, and the program higher on resource consumption.

I think CDisplay is the best out there of those manga viewers for its simplicity, and is completely free, but unfortunately it is not being developed anymore, and there are a few fixes that needs to be done. I really don't know if the licence lets you simply absorb the program into yours, but the features it has right now that i'm going to enumerate are the ones that must not fail to be in the possible implementation:

- Smooth Scroll up and down to browse the images and change pages.
- Set image size (can be allowed to set to specific sizes, not just "fit to")
- Thumbnail preview (without closing the full screen)
- Go to page
- Bookmarks (for large files) and a bookmarks manager (to delete the ones we don't need anymore)

I would be extremely grateful if you consider this (even more than i already am). I'm aware that some might consider this wacky, that it would need too much work (almost a new program), but the way is already paved with many free examples ;) Seriously, if you implement this, it would simply be awesome.

Thank you again for you time and reaching the last line of this wall of text ^^
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