Dragging function of photos in Viewer mode

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Dragging function of photos in Viewer mode

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I really miss in XnView one feature. It is a Dragging function of photos they are actually visible i.e. they are displayed in Viewer mode.

In other words, i would like to see in XnView a function that allows you to drag displayed picture with left mouse button in Viewer mode directly to OS enviroment (for example to Phototshop, email client's New message, Windows Explorer, etc.). Today's Firefox works on this basis too. You do not need to save picture with classic way through "Save As" button, you just drag a picture to desired file which is open on background in Total Commander or Windows Explorer.

In this matter i have to mention here old ACDSee 2.4. This programme is armed with this feature and moreover with a choice between "Copy" or "Move" for displayed picture! I found it extremely helpfull with manipulation with my viewed pictures!
This feature could be implemented in XnView Settings.

So i ask you for implementation of this feature into XnView;)

with regards
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