Additional parameter for slide show

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Additional parameter for slide show

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Here's my own quote from another forum:
Hi all, :D

under certain circumstances it happened that the laptop during a slide show (with about 300 slides) crashes.
Is there any way to continue my slide show at for example position 150 (without editing the .sld file)?

The background is the following: I made a program where I can enter text to each slide. During presentation I can see the information to each slide and with one command I get the next slide and the corresponding text.
After a crash it is troublesome to go to the last position (i.e. 150) and it is not very entertaining for the audience to see the last 150 slides again.
So, is it possible to add an parameter for the slide show?
For example:
Old behaviour: "C:\Program Files (x86)\XnView\xnview.exe" -slide "any.sld"

New: "C:\Program Files (x86)\XnView\xnview.exe" -startwith <PicNo> -slide "any.sld"
With this feature (-startwith <PicNo>) I can continue a crashed slide show at a desired position.
Keep :D