Do NOT halt on error during batch image operations

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Do NOT halt on error during batch image operations

Postby Sabinoo » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:40 am


Constructive criticism and suggestion: there ought to be an option in Xnview where we tell the program to store error logs for when the batch is over, and keep on processing every listed batch operation till the end :)

Context for my suggestion, if anyone cares:
I an into a corrupted file error while batch-retouching the images inside a series of folders containing close to two thousand pictures. Old files, old hard disks, old imports from older hard disks, that's not a complete surprise.
Problem: Xnview entirely halted its batch operation because of that one single file.
And now it's up to me to do the impossible and find which images have been processed, or not processed yet, by Xnview, and resume where the program left without re-retouching (to disastrous results) the already retouched files.

EDIT: I forgot, if it matters, I'm using Xnview 2.39. I imagine I should switch to NP one of those days.

Good day everyone!

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