MozJPEG encoder

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MozJPEG encoder

Post by ianas »

I just read that a google jpeg encoder has been added to xnview
I'd like to ask for another jpeg encoder MozJPEG (the more the merrier :D )
I've been using a custom build jpegoptim to re-encode jpegs with mozjpeg and the results are noticeable even a lossless conversion reduces file size 5-10% depending if the output is nonprogressive or progressive and as that project is based on libjpeg-turbo it can be implemented eather with a dll or an exe
unlike Guetzli MozJPEG does support progressive encoding.

I think one of the reasons Mozilla doesn't include webp support in Firefox is their jpeg encoder they say it's output is comparable to webp and decoding is a lot faster maybe google came up with Guetzli just to mess with mozilla

while I haven't tested guetzli yet I did come across this article
Pixelz Verdict: MozJPEG Remains First Choice for Product Images on the Web

MozJPEG files had fewer bytes 6 out of 8 times
MozJPEG and Guetzli were visually indistinguishable
MozJPEG encoded literally hundreds to a thousand times faster than Guetzli
MozJPEG supports progressive loading
that suggests mozjpeg should be preferred over google's encoder
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Re: MozJPEG encoder

Post by omniplex »

ianas wrote:that suggests mozjpeg should be preferred over google's encoder
Thanks, added to the rather hopeless Guetzli stub on enwiki. :|
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Re: MozJPEG encoder

Post by user123 »

Will MozJPEG ever be added to XnView? This thread is 5 years old but XnView curently has classic JPEG and Guetzli JPEG.