show transition in preview pane, Streamer's dream

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show transition in preview pane, Streamer's dream

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I am encouraged to see your product and responsive forum which goads me to raise a suggestion for you.

I am a youtube streamer, would love a feature by which I can choose any image to show with transition. Normally everything preselected slideshow feature is available. But if there is a setting to add a transition (optional) before showing any image in the preview pane, I can have a dynamic realtime display of any images in my stream. Any pre-selectable transition pattern will do. So the request is, any image selected, depending on mood of the show, decided at real time, would be shown in preview pane after a transition. The preview pane can be grabbed by window capture by any streaming software.

By this I do not need to plan for a slideshow in advance, but keep showing as needed.

Hope I could make myself clear. looking forward for this dream come true feature quickly.