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Instant slideshow suggestion

Post by stevemd » Tue Dec 13, 2005 8:03 pm

When we visit family and friends, I take our tablet PC and use XnView to show our latest photos to family and friends.

But I always have 2 kinds of images in my folders - those I want to show to family and friends, and those I want to keep but not share as part of a slideshow (for ex, extra shots of the same scene, originals that I tweaked in Photoshop, etc).

So a workflow I would like is to launch an 'Instant Slideshow" from the browser window. It would go something like this:

From the browser window add a hot key and mouse click (for me a pen tap for the tablet PC) way to go directly into Full screen Slideshow mode (without the slideshow setup dialog), where the slideshow parameters are pre-set from an options setup. (auto/manual advance, timing, transitions, loop, etc.)

In addition, I would like to pre-tag images in the folder as 'Hidden" (similar to Picasa feature - the images I want to keep but not show) and the slideshow would show all images except for the hidden ones (regardless of what is selected, so I don't have to worry about deselecting before I launch Instant Slideshow). In the browser, the hidden thumbnails could be ghosted back, or have an icon to show they were hidden for slideshow viewing. I suppose you could have an option to show/hide hidden images in View window, though I think 'show' would be the default there.

This seems easier and more flexible than setting up, saving and launching sld files, esp as I continually add new images to an album, or tweak some with Photoshop.

thanks - I just discoverd XnView recently and already it's my favorite.

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