Debugging support

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Debugging support

Post by Xyzzy »

There are some returning problems that currently Pierre is unable to fix, because he cannot reproduce them. They are fe. disappearing cursor, taskbar staying on on fullscreen etc. In fact, they may not even be XnView problems.
Debugging support would be also useful when investigating "normal" bugs, because it would instantly and unambiguously report significant part of required information, without need for lenghty investigation with user.

Create two text log files:
- one containig OS version, drivers version, relevant DLLs versions etc.
- actual log of XnView operations (function names, called and return values, operations timings etc.)
The exact contents to be defined by author.

Details of feature
- it is switched on/off by ini entry (now that's an option whose place is in ini); number used to indicate profile to be used
- log files are overwritten on every creation. Seems no use to maintain multiple debug logs.
- "system info log" is created once at XnView startup
- one of debug profiles should allow to maintain crashes. I suppose that in this mode "main" log file is closed and flushed before every function call (?).
- as some errors are sporadical, there should be a possiblity to work with log file active. I think that would mean fixed maximum log size (oldest entries deleted) and keeping file opened after write (?).
- profiles should enable separate debugging of different program parts, like interface redraw operations, file list creation and drawing, file I/Os etc.

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Re: Debugging support

Post by dma_k »

I would like to vote for this feature. Or please create a sticky post about how to create a good report in case when XnView crashes.