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I had a problem fairly similar to the topic creators after moving from version 1.82.4 to 1.9+ where the program took quite awhile to load the file browser but otherwise ran just fine.

Now I admit I am using a fairly old computer running win98se, but I found that by changing a couple options under the Options>System Integration menu XnView began loading the browser much faster.

By changing both the location of the ini file under "Save Options" and "Folder used for other files" to "XnView" the program began loading nearly instantly again. I haven't tried just using one or the other though as my current setup works fine.
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i rejoice. although i hate to rekindle this topic, i felt compelled to add this update. its been a somewhat miserable experience viewing the images on my computer since i started this topic december 2006, when xnview started having serious lag problems and having to use other viewers (the list is very long). i am not sure which version i was using at the time, but i suspect around 1.74 -1.80. when the problem showed up. i have tryed everything suggested here and then some including formatting the hard drive but to no avail. until now.
doing some additional experimentation with xnview 1.90, i have found out if i deleted the "filters", "lut", "8bf", and "addon", folders, the program speed in loading and viewing images is there once again. i dont know yet which file within these folders is the culprit on my computer, but the plan is to delete each file independently and reboot and then run the program to determine which file/files could be causing the slowdown and report back here to pierre for future issues or bug fixes. but from reading the forums for several months now, it does not appear anyone is having this issue and reporting it. which file from xnview that is conflicting with which file or driver on my computer is at best, going to be difficult to track down. but at this point xnview is back to its excellent viewer capabilities on my computer, and this is a good thing for me as i have been using and supporting it, albeit not for the last year, since version 1.19 or earlier. thanks again pierre for writing, updating and forum supporting your program...
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Good to read that your problem was solved, Dan. And good to have a long term user back. :-)
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