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Batch Rename: Duplicate & Numbering

Post by B.Douille »

Ah! where comes default & options...
The last case I presented rely on the required default management of duplicates. This should always work, even if the user do not put a # in it's name template.
My assumtion there was to use a hardcoded default format "_#" for a suffix. In your reply you suggest an ability to customise and use something like "_###" to cover possible tens or hundreds of duplicates and keep a way of sorting them.

The question is: Is it really justified? Say if a user set a template that generates such amount of duplicates, isn't it best for him to change his template in adding ### somewhere?
My view is that we should encourage this user to evaluate the result by himself and so encourage to revisit the existing options. My proposal was in line with both Nelson's an Oliver's requests that uses a template with a # in.
Note that the default template "name-#" currently generate a suite from "name-1" to "name-99999999" and this will not change with my proposal.

If you think it's justified, there are 3 ways to provide what you ask for:
1) a 4th radio button called "Added on second duplicate" with ability to force the number of figures by placing ### at the end of the template. I don't like because depending on the files and template it wouldn't show an obvious difference with the default option (so the initial post from Nelson thinking it's a bug, the explanations from Helmut, Pierre, ...).
2) an option to set the default format. It could be a replacement for the current "Duplicate" button or in the Tool>Options menu. I don't like either: my idea was to remove as much buttons and options ~hidden in sub-sub areas.
3) a more powerful one (and complicated to implement) would be to implement the formating in the template itself in the same way as dates. Something like "counter[-000]", "counter[_###]" or "counter[_AA]" to force number suites with 3 figures mandatory, optional or alpha with 2 letters. Plus: This kind of template can be saved and reused. Minus: a user guide.

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid :wink:

Last: I think it's no more a bug but a "feature", late to improve for 1.90 I guess?
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