Strange Watermark in JPEG

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Strange Watermark in JPEG

Post by lord0815 »

Hey there, i have an jpeg image with an watermark bottem right.

In full view the watermark is visible.
In the xnview view with right mouseclick on the image, the watermark does not appear and the image is complete...

When i edit iptc data there is also a small preview where the watermark is not visible and i see a clear image.

So, how to remove this watermark in the full view too??? Really strange thing!!

Here is a link to the photo ... 74a0e1.jpg?

Thanks for some infos Smile
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Post by helmut »

The solution to this riddle:
JPG images can have an embedded EXIF thumbnail which allows for fast previewing. The image and the thumbnail can mismatch, as it is in your case. The watermark has been added to the JPG picture, but not to the embedded thumbnail.

The watermark has been added to the image data, removing it automatically is impossible, I think. The embedded thumbnail which hasn't got the watermark will not help, either. You could try to remove the watermark manually by cloning areas, but it's quite some work.

See the following topic for further information:
- Image view and Thumbnail don't match
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Post by XnTriq »

Go to Tools » Options... » Browser » Thumbnails » Appearance and de-activate the Use Embedded thumbnail checkbox.
You will have to hit the Refresh button in Browser mode to see the effect of changing this setting.
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Post by lord0815 »

Thanks a lot for the fast replies!!

Youre right, now i remember an option in nconvert..


.... Thats it :)

Thanks for the solution.
My main intention is not to remove it but find out why it appers only in full view.... But this is solved now!

Thx !!

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