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Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 9:01 pm
by ouistiti
:arrow: XnView

Please Pierre dont wait till version 7.982 of paint to add such ehancements !

Many thanks to Clo and Dreamer for your ideas !

Many thanks also to Pierre for this new promised and promising Tool... pardon Filter !
Hum… Set as a tool everywhere in other softs, though…



At will…

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 8:05 pm
by Clo
—> ouistiti

:) Hello Paul !

• Thinking again to the improvements for the Paint tool (sorry, I'm always looking for it in the Tools Menu !) , I concluded that every user would like to build her¦his own retouch tool at will, according to her¦his needs…
- This leads to get a specific much more elaborated INI file for Paint, so forging ahead I propose the following one below :


CurrentBgColor = $FF0000
LastAdjustedSize = 650,422
UseEllipse = 0
UseFill = 1
UseLasso = 0
UseLines = 1
UseMoveImage = 0
UsePencil = 1
UseRectangle = 0
UseRoundedRectangle = 0
UseRubber = 0
UseText = 0
UseWatermark = 0
WindowBgColor = $F0F000
ZoomStep = 5

LineType= 0
;0: Simple, 1: 1 arrow, 2: 2 arrows
Line Opacity = 80
LineThickness = 3


EllipseOpacity = 99
RectangleOpacity = 80
RectangleStyle = 2
;1: simple Frame, 2: Full, no border, 3: Full with border
RectangleThickness = 3
RectangleType = 1
;0: Square corners, 1: Rounded corners
RoundedValue = 30


FillText = 0
TextOpacity = 80


Bold = 1
Border =1
BorderColor = $00AA11
FontFace = Tahoma
FontSize = 19
Italic = 0
Shade = 1
ShadeColor = $999999
ShadeShiftX = 5
ShadeShiftY =5
Striked = 0
Underlined = 0


LastUsedPath = K:\Images
RepeatTiled = 0
WatermarkOpacity = 30

• Hence, only the wanted tools would display buttons, with indeed a default set which needs to be discussed…
- Let's notice that some usual painting tools are missing still, even with regard to my mock-up HERE

• Currently, there is a pretty annoying issue about the settings saving, and moreover some features are unbearable,
like the “jolly” black background… :P

- It causes a problem when appending some text if the image doesn't fit the window :
The text lands in the Black, then good luck to recover it ! :evil:

:arrow: Pierre, please… Image   

:mrgreen: Friendly, KR,

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 8:17 pm
by ouistiti
:arrow: Clo

Nice but it should need an "Apply" button on the main window when one changes the parameters of a tool !




Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 9:48 pm
by Clo
—> ouistiti

:) Hello Paul !

• Indeed, this is understood and written “between the lines” ! :P

:mrgreen: Friendly,

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:23 am
by yumeyao
new here.

yesterday i started a thread here:

then i'm introduced by Clo so i finally get to this thread.

first let me repeat my suggestion here:
i'd want a built-in image painting function.

1st point: built-in.
let me express the "built-in". it's both ok whether it is included by the main-program or an external plugin. but it's advisable that it's a toolkit rather than a filter.
(next paras are copy and paste...)
it(built-in) will have 2 advantages:
1. no seperate windows for viewing(includes general processing) and painting. this helps the interface tidy.
2. no undo/redo limits. you can undo drawing a line then undo a filter such as bluring,etc.

some other apps provide a built-in painting toolkit. a screenshot of IrfanView below:

I'd say, it's such a handy toolbox that should be considered.
two reasons why it's a must-have:
1. though a image viewer it is, it provides varies of image processings. so a simple plain toolkit is just one part of it. it helps user easily make comments on a picture. such as, add texts(yes i know it's already in), draw lines, boxes, arrows, etc.
2. xnview has a built-in screen capture function, so what next to capturing? yeah, of course some modifications will make a picture more lively, especially when the picture is used to desribe a process or a problem.

2nd point: features
i noticed that you have listed some in "Missing tools and options".
so let me explain my consideration:
1. for listed items. i think pencil is a must-have(we'd call it brush, for better, then we can define the boldness). retangular selection is also widely needed.(an option can be added here->edit only affects in the selected area) Lasso is maybe less used, but it may be easy to add this feature if retangular selection is done. rubber is useful, and you can also add an option to determine to erase drawed pixels or erase the whole picture.
for the "save each step", it's of course needed, but when you just make the painting a built-in function it's already done. :D
2. for items not listed. i suggest an "arrow line" tool. a text tool(which can be a simple redirection to the current add text function).

for advanced, text shadow and line/arrow/circle/retangular shadow is also good, but not necessary.

Thanks for your hard work and thank you for giving a notice here.

Re: Paint plugin v1.0

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:23 am
by budz45
My congratulations again Pierre on fine work in adding more to your ever so comfortable Xnview application.

Like Dreamer mentioned earlier in this thread, "Ctrl+Z Undo" and "Ctrl+Y redo" are missing features.

I am also requesting support for "Antialiasing" and "Drop Shadow" particularly when using the circle (with drop shadow options).

Can you see the drop shadow in use in Fastone Capture's editor

But still well done though on bringing this addon to existence in Xnview :D

Re: Paint plugin v1.0

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:15 am
by budz45
Would be awesome if Paint added support for such Distort effects such as: Pixelation

..So I can quickly and efficiently Pixelate faces, names all sorts in pictures quickly. Currently I use the Pixelate plugin in Paint.Net if I want to do this but, as lovely as it is, starts up slowly as an aplication.
In Paint.NET it's Effects>Distort>Pixelate

Re: Paint plugin v1.0

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:30 pm
by XnTriq
budz45 wrote:Would be awesome if Paint added support for such Distort effects such as: Pixelation
You don't need the plug-in for that.

Re: Paint plugin v1.0

Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:34 pm
by budz45
Hi again,

When Paint plugin get's ported into XnView MP could the developer please add 'presets' support like in several MP choices

'presets' is a lovely feature and I would like to be able to save individual profiles to Paint plugin. Currently Paint plugin only remembers last used profile. I would like to save and manage many. Thank you.


-Perhaps, when Paint plugin makes MP, it could get a rename to a name like Painter or XnPaint ..would be cool :mrgreen:
-Perhaps also it could also be just a module within the cross-platform MP rather than just a plugin.