Can't copy or move from search result

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Can't copy or move from search result

Post by Anika »

Since the version 1.74 I get a error message when I try to copy or more a file from a search result.
"20004-07-20-0003 cannot be copied: the syntax for filename or foldername or the volume name is wrong."
The message is in german even if I change XnViews language. It is also strange that the filename extension is not mentioned. I already reinstalled the program with no efford. With the old version 1.70.4 I have no problem.
I hope somebody has an explanation for that.
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Post by Dreamer »

I can't confirm this, everything works fine - copy and move - with hotkeys, RMB menu and drag&drop.

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Post by ckit »

I can confirm this bug but my error is in English.
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