How come SVG support isn't native?

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Re: How come SVG support isn't native?

Post by XnTriq »

Since it is based on Qt, I wouldn't be surprised if the multi-platform edition of XnView will eventually be able to read “a subset of SVG”.
Qt Reference Documentation ([url=]XML Processing[/url]) wrote:In addition to core XML support, classes for higher level querying and manipulation of XML data are provided by the QtXmlPatterns module. In the QtSvg module, the QSvgRenderer and QSvgGenerator classes can read and write a subset of SVG, an XML-based file format. Qt also provides helper functions that may be useful to those working with XML and XHTML: see Qt::escape() and Qt::convertFromPlainText().
Qt Reference Documentation ([url=]SVG Viewer Example[/url]) wrote:Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based language for describing two-dimensional vector graphics. Qt provides classes for rendering and displaying SVG drawings in widgets and on other paint devices. This example allows the user to load SVG files and view them in a QGraphicsView using a QGraphicsSvgItem. Based on the selected renderer the QGraphicsView uses either a QWidget or QGLWidget as its viewport. A third render mode is also provided, where the QGraphicsView draws indirectly though a QImage. This allows testing of drawing accuracy and performance for both the native, raster, and OpenGL paint engines.

See the QtSvg module documentation for more information about SVG and Qt's SVG classes.
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Re: How come SVG support isn't native?

Post by bartman2589 »

I know this is a fairly old thread but I have to wonder now why someone hasn't yet taken the svg rendering library/engine that the open-source linux program 'Gwenview' (and as far as I know many other linux programs) uses and ported it to make a free plugin for XnView that can display SVG files.

If I possessed the necessary programming skills I would attempt to do it, but my programming skills are limited to simple things written in Visual Basic and a very very small amount of old Turbo Delphi.

As far as I know another option might be to make a plugin based on the webkit rendering engine as well, I know there's an ongoing project on the main webkit site to incorporate svg rendering capabilities into webkit. And with the increasing popularity of svg graphics it would really be beneficial to many XnView users to have access to a free svg plugin (even if it didn't handle all of the complexities of the svg format).
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Re: How come SVG support isn't native?

Post by xnview »

Currently only XnViewMP can display SVG files
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Re: How come SVG support isn't native?

Post by palimadra »

I have managed to get the support for svg going on the portable version of xnview as well.

I downloaded the plugin from After extraction I copied CS_SVG.dll into the plugins folder of xnview which was at XnViewPortable\App\XnView\Plugins and voila I can now view the svg files using xnview.

Total Bliss!!

Thank you guys for all the help
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Re: How come SVG support isn't native?

Post by skan »

You don't need anymore to use commercial SVG plugins, there are many free solutions there:
GIMP, Free SVG Editor, Free SVG Viewer, SView5, Open Freely, Ahaview...