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Copy to clipboard from Shell

Post by Henry_Jones » Sat May 17, 2008 5:42 am


I once suggested this feature for the shell extension of XnView. Because XnView has become the main viewer / image organizing application for me I don't want to install PicaView anymore (which had this feature).

So I tried to write a programm to copy a image to the clipboard (VB.Net), to add it as a link to the "send to" submenu. This worked to some extend. I could copy a picture to the clipboard and other software like Photoshop, Word or XnView could paste it. But I need the functionality for an older Siemens Camera application and this program could not paste from my clipboard :( It can paste the clipboard if I copy from XnView. Even changing the program that it only reads the "XnView" clipboard and putting it in again, changes enough that those old software rejects it.

If anyone hears from a tool (or sourcecode) that can do that, I would be happy if it can be posted here.

Adding it in the Shell Extension would be even better ;)

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