Strange shadow-bug behind Toolbar

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Strange shadow-bug behind Toolbar

Post by RGBA »

Ok, I have already tried to refesh the installation (v1.95)
and set to any other toolbars, but this thing is still there
and maybe was already at preview versions, too.

It just happen here on a Xerox TFT. :evil:

How it looks like:
XnView 1.95.3 de | XP Prof. SP3
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G-C ?

Post by Clo »

:arrow: RGBA

:) Hello !

• At first glance, the transparency is not rendered in the icons themselves (patterns from the main bitmap),
there is no black background on the interface area…
- I assume that you tried 32 BPP skins, I would advice you to test with a 8 BPP bitmap
(having a Magenta-pink BG as colour of transparency).
- Please, check also which screen colour depth you are using (16, 24, 32 BPP ?), and the settings of your graphic card.
- Whether you couln't get a 8-BPP bitmap, I've an updated version of the <default> skin
(the one in the …skins\default\… folder), I could make it available for a test…

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