Image association does not work

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Image association does not work

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It seems that image association doesn't work on my laptop. After installing the latest XnView software, i'm unable to associate any image file with XnView in the Explorer.

- I tried by using XnView menu >> doesn't work
- I tried directly in Explorer to select the software i want to open the file: "Open with..." >> But, as soon as i select XnView, it refuse the selection.

very strange... :(
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Re: Image association does not work

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I've got approximately the same problem with file association:
  • xnview reports in Tools → Options → Associations, that .tif and .tiff files are associated with xnview
  • explorer reports, that .tif and .tiff files are associated with MS PictureViewer.
So I wonder, why xnview reports the information differently? How it is defined? There are several posts on this topic (this, this, this and this), all describing the variations around the same problem.

I have looked into the registry:

Code: Select all


"Content Type"="image/tiff"






"Content Type"="image/tiff"












@="rundll32.exe C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\shimgvw.dll,ImageView_Fullscreen %1"



@="rundll32.exe C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\shimgvw.dll,ImageView_PrintTo /pt \"%1\" \"%2\" \"%3\" \"%4\""
and it looks like the is no notion of xnview for these file extensions. So first I decided to change the association using explorer:
right click on tiff file → Open With... → Choose Program... → Browse → select xnview location
but then xnview hadn't appeared in the list of programs! Mystery!

So the solution for me (for those who will find this post) was:
explorer → Tools → Folder Options... → File Types tab → select .tiff and .tif and press Delete button
Afterwards annoying PictureViewer was gone.

Additional info: Win XP SP3, xnview
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Re: Image association does not work

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:arrow: dma_k

:) Hello !

• That's a well known issue with XP … :( Personally, I solve it by removing totally the association¦s in Windows from :
- Win Explorer >> Tools Menu >> Folders Options >> [File Types] tab (or so, it's in French here).
- Then, you may associate the type¦s successfully in XnView, or also i.e. from Total Commander which has this feature.
- Aside : For some versions, TC has in addition an internal association allowing to start the applications for the types you want, but working only in TC…
- Maybe Pierre could cogitate about a similar feature in XnView, this should ease and simplify this handling… 8)

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