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If I copy a picture in a Lotus Notes email into the clipboard, the picture cannot be inserted in XnView 1.9.5. The option for inserting is grayed although the picture is in the clipboard. In Microsoft Word (z.B) the picture can be inserted normally.
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Post by RickS »

Try the latest version (1.96). Some clipboard issues were fixed in that release.
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Re: Clipboard

Post by Tony »

The latest version (1.96) seems to correct this problem. However, there are still some issues with copying to the clipboard from XNview.

The copy function of XNview only places 'DIB bitmap' and 'Bitmap' on the windows clipboard. This means that some programs will not accept paste from the clipboard. Many other graphics programs place 4 items on the clipboard ('DIB bitmap', 'Bitmap', 'Picture' and 'Enhanced Metafile') which allows pasting to virtually any other application; some examples which pass 4 items to the clipboard are Corel Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro and Windows Paint.
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