.MIX format of Photodraw Graphics

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.MIX format of Photodraw Graphics

Post by Maarten » Thu Dec 25, 2003 5:22 pm

In September I was replied that you're working to include MIX formats in your fantastic XnView program. I have just downloaded the latest version but still experience that you're not yet supporting to display this fileformat as a tumbnail.

> Although XNVIEW has an enormous list types which it can read:
> Photodraw Graphics ( ___.MIX) are not recognized. Although XNVIEW can
> not compete with Microsoft Explorer (XP home) here Microsoft still
> allows me to display a preview via thumbnails. Is there a possibility
> to incoorperate this file types?
> Thanks by the way for this very nice program.
> Keep up the good work
> Best regards
> Maarten


yah but!!

Post by Guest » Sat Dec 27, 2003 7:04 pm

what you need xnview to support is "compound file explorer"..


mix is a compound file (like many others including doc,xls,msi,skp,rvt,..)
if XnView had it it would solve your problem (it al can treat files as a multipgae file..)

there are many open-source code/utils/progs on sourceforge but pierre don't understand it well (100%) it need another hand ..!

for me i use compound file explorer to view/alter/squeeze and compound file..



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Post by crazytb » Thu Jan 01, 2004 6:36 am

Only one info: XnView do handle PPS (PowerPoint) files as a multipage image.


pps !

Post by Guest » Thu Jan 01, 2004 7:42 am

yeah it can read PPS as a multipage but:

1- how xnview read it.?
it reads it as a group of images stored in a file.. not like a compound file and look (search) it sections for stored media(images..audio,..)

2- how xnview dump it..?
if a JPEG is stored it will not be dumped as is when you want to extract it .. it will become a BMP file.. so if you want to use again you'll lose more quality.. (i made a PPS in my collage days based on JPEG's i wanted to get two images as there xnview didnot help i had to look for other solutions till i found a good compound explorer.. i extracted them and cleaned them <from photoshop tag> and even reduce them more with reducing quality via "jpegcrop")

3- how xnview convert it ..?
it is read as a multipage but can't be convert it into one in a single process NO.. i have to extract all pages.. then add them again with order to the new multipage file (tiff, dcx,..)


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Re: yah but!!

Post by xnview » Mon Jan 05, 2004 8:39 am

Anonymous wrote:mix is a compound file (like many others including doc,xls,msi,skp,rvt,..)
if XnView had it it would solve your problem (it al can treat files as a multipgae file..)
Currently, i work on MIC compound files, and i have a question about MIX files!

With "Compound File Explorer", where are pictures of a MIX file?
For MIC files, i find TIFF data, but on MIX files i don't recognize any format??
Regards Pierre


Post by Guest » Mon Jan 05, 2004 9:52 pm

MIX is evolved from MIC..
both is a compound file..
MIC store tiff and wmf and a png (for transperant) as i recall .. well it had been a very long time since i dag into mix and mic..

i have to check my old pc..


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