Show transparency backgroud (gray square)

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Show transparency backgroud (gray square)

Post by duke »

Hello! How to show image with trans bg?
Like this:

xnview show only solid color on the background.

thank you)
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Re: Show transparency backgroud (gray square)

Post by Clo »

:arrow: duke

:) Hello ! Welcome aboard !
• The chequered pattern as the transparency is supported for 8… 32 BPP images.
- To set it, go to Options (F12) >> View >> Tick the appropriate box… :wink:

- Further, you can choose the colours for that feature by adding in your <xnview.ini> file :
CheckerColor1=Colour code
CheckerColor2=Colour code
These two entries allow to change the colours of the chequered pattern items when it's set to represent the transparency.
One can indeed set the two entries as the same value to get a plain background, it's useful sometimes…
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