Excluding Categories?

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Excluding Categories?

Post by naarcissus »

What methods of excluding categories/keywords does XnView/XnViewMP support?

For example:
Looking through a fully categorized database of car pictures. Need to find pictures that feature cars that don't have door mounted side mirrors (Cars|Door|Accessory|Mirror) and are red (Cars|Color|Red). What would be the easiest way to do this? Is there a way to include the category Red and exclude Mirror (specifically door mirror and not any other mirror), using primarily the mouse, with a text search, etc.?

Optimally there would be a way to exclude categories(keywords) by clicking on it while holding down a modifier (similar to iPhoto). Though I have yet to find any other image management software that makes it so simple (easy, intuitive, etc.), free or otherwise.

P.S. The above example is very simplistic for what I have in mind.
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Re: Excluding Categories?

Post by obelisk »

a good idea, discussed ages ago but nobody came up with a good GUI to select multi/exclude Categories
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Re: Excluding Categories?

Post by duke_nukem »

Sorry to open old topic again. It would really be a great feature if there was a possibility to exclude some categories.
Ideally it would be just magical if user could construct his own searches with categories. Like you would like to find all pictures with keyword vacation that also include keywords for your wife or daughter but not with the beach keyword. That would make you cooler than ACDSee and Adobe Bridge.
Is it hard to implement? Shouldn't that be one of basic SQL features since XnView MP uses databases to store data?
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Re: Excluding Categories?

Post by Nimrodel »

I've just installed XnView MP and started categorising my photos. Now I have the same "problem": I would like to exclude categories when doing a search. Is it now possible or will it come in later updates?
Thanks for an answer!
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