How to zoom in slideshow?

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How to zoom in slideshow?

Post by eurfrb »


I just started to use XnView today (1.66 on Windows), and I have to say that this is really a great application :)

But there's one thing which confuses me. According to the help:
All the key combinations valid in the Image View mode, can also be used in Slide shows and Full screen mode.
This means it should be possible to use the '+' and '-' keys to zoom in and out also in Slideshow mode. But this doesn't work for me :(

In Slideshow mode the '+' and '-' keys are moving to next/previous image.

Am I missing something here?

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Post by helmut »

All the key combinations valid in the Image View mode, can also be used in Slide shows and Full screen mode.
Frank et al, the help document is wrong in that respect. During a slide show Zooming is not possible.
Let us know if you need support for zooming in the slide show (Personally I can't see much sense in it.).
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Post by C.Prettyman »

I would love to see this feature supported. Better than a simple +/- zoom, I'd like to see a zoom to window option. :D

The reason is that we present slideshows where someone on the staff has visited a project site, and is showing the rest of the project team a series of photos to show the exiting conditions, or progress, etc. It is not at all uncommon for someone to ask to get a btter view of some part of the image.

Post by Guest »

Hi Helmut,

I'd as well love to see this feature. Here's some detail why:
For me the main function of a slideshow, as opposed to just browsing all files in a folder, is that I can combine a selection of images from different locations, without the need to duplicate them. E.g. I store my digital photos in a strictly chronological hierarchy (Year/Month/Day), but I may not want to always present them in this form.

Then the resolution of these pictures is much higher than the screen resolution. So this leaves some reserve of good quality zooming. And I can tell you that it always makes a good effect, if you present a slideshow, let's say from your last holidays, and you're able to zoom into some detail of the pictures.

What would be really cool on top of this is if you could define the initially visible area of each picture in the slideshow definition (e.g. by dragging a frame). Then a picture could come up in magnified mode and you could zoom out of it to see the whole scene!

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