slideshow run at the windows 8/7 desktop (as a wallpaper)

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slideshow run at the windows 8/7 desktop (as a wallpaper)

Post by loverhd » Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:28 pm

Could you advise, is it possible to run the slideshow at the windows 8/7 desktop, as a wallpaper?
I mean, instead of the standard windows wallpaper

Or, if not possible now, do you think this possibility seems interesting and might be added somehow soon?

And, in addition, I would also ask for the possibility to turn on or off the sound, while playing video within slideshow.

Both settings seems might be arranged within the slideshow settings, like
"run slideshow as the windows desktop"
"mute the videoslideshow sound"

Apparently the standard windows desktop function for changing the wallpaper based on the photo became very useful. And all my photos are now shown on the windows desktop slideshow, every 10 sec new photo, in random sequence.
What is missing is - it is not possible to play short videos within this random sequence.
But your program XnView has quite a good slideshow, which allows exactly what is required - to play the mixed photo and video slideshow, in random sequence, straight from the directories.
The only drawbacks are mentioned above:
- the sound of video in slideshow, which could be annoying and sudden. And which I would like to eliminate or, better, make the sound elimination configurable.
- the slideshow by XnView does not played at desktop (as wallpaper). Thus it could be easily closed. But the idea and need for it - to be played constantly.

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