The bigest XnView Problem. Please read !!!

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The bigest XnView Problem. Please read !!!

Post by ionutph »

This is an annoying behavior that lasted way too much.

Image loading/scrolling is fast in Viewer(Editor) (booth window and fullscreen) but slow/not working in Browser(fullscreen).

I think its normal to go from browser into fullscreen without going into viewer-windows then viewer-fullscreen.

Easy way to reproduce: Just open a image from a multiple pics folder with this 2 different settings at "General->Mode when starting with a file-> Fullscreen - Edit/Fullscreen - Browser" then try to fast scrool. Only in Editor mode its working.

My usage scenario:

1. when I open an image, it opens in fullscreen- Viewer (Editor mode). Image scrolling is fast. I can hold Page Down and pictures are flowing on the screen.
Disabling "Read one image ahead" makes the scrolling a little faster and without black screens.

2. When I double click I switch back and forth between Viewer-fullscreen and Viewer-window. In window mode the image scrolling is also fast.

3. When I press Enter I switch between Viewer and Browser back and forth. Returning to viewer, the image loading speed works as expected.

4. If from browser I open an image directly to fullscreen then the image loading/ scrolling is super slow/not working.
If I keep Page Up pressed only the filenames are scrolled without displaying the pictures. I have to go thru images slowly one by one. Also I think that going one by one it feels a bit more sluggish in Browser-fullscreen than viewer.
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