Drag and drop operations.

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Adam C. Morrissette
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Drag and drop operations.

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Hello My name is Adam and I have been struggling for over a month to find a program that allows me to Keyword, organise and recall Thousands of images based upon said keywords, I have tried Picasa, Lightroom, and a few others I cannot even remember, I am now onto XNViewMP and it works far better than all the other software for what I need. But there is one thing I came to like while using Lightroom, and that is the drag and drop operations, where I could assign keywords to masters, and move sub keywords around by clicking and dragging the entire keyword, and it automatically Assigned the new Hierarchy that I wanted. I Have tried to do the same in XnveiwMP and it works, to some extent. I can only do this with ONE category(As XNView) calls it at a time, not a group like I would like, because I will be handling thousands of photos, and up to hundreds of Category groups.

Is there any other way to Assign a sub category to a master? or a group of them?

Also, another big issue I have is the Category pane does not even become available unless I select at least one photo, my photos are spread across various folders, all inside the master folder I have XN view assosiated with. is there any way to disable that function, because sometimes I want to mess around with the hierarchies without selecting all of the photos.

Thank you.
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