Capture Tool Auto ZOOMS ??

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Capture Tool Auto ZOOMS ??

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This didn't happen on my first few trials. I made no changes at all in settings, and in fact can't find ANY settings related to the Capture tool, which is odd. Other than, of course when you select the tool. Now, each time I select it, the image is zoomed extremely IN, so far that I don't even at first know where I am on the page! Is this that 200 X 200 pixel thing I found when searching "Capture"?
Consider that many users may be using the trackpad on a notebook or laptop. It becomes impossible to select anything larger than a small area, because you run out of pad quickly. And Yes, I've tried switching from one to two fingers to keep the cursor moving. It's a pain!
Even more strange, if I choose Full Screen- the tool still only captures a very small portion of the screen!?
1) Why would this happen, only after having tried it several times with no problem?
2) Why are there no settings available to control this?
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