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Worse in French…

Post by Clo » Wed Aug 30, 2006 11:03 pm

—> WDef

:) Hello !

• Like you can see here (far) above, I agree 1,000 times !

- Curiously, I bumped this same topic on the Fench forum too recently.
Just for the fun, please give a glance on THIS IMAGE :P
- It's worse in French, 'cause the hated message tells :
« The file <....xxxx.yyy> exists already. Do you want to REPLACE it ?»
• Replace what ? It's the same and single file we are working with !
- On the pic, the red letters say : "No, just save it !" and the smileys show that some items are not translated, and that a tick-box should be nice here !
- The message itself (short !) says : "No comment" :D

- Nice to hear from Pierre that he'll add a tick-box (or so…), thanks,
hoping he'll not forget the subsidiary defects for other languages…

:mrgreen: Kind regards,
Old user ON SELECTIVE STRIKE till further notice

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