Can't view JPG file by using XnView

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xnview wrote:
helmut wrote:@Pierre: Will this be fixed in 1.90? (I think a bug fix is very important).
For me, it has been fixed in 1.90
Good. Would be good if someone would try to reproduce the problem and then check with 1.90 beta 1. Do you think that the problem should occur on Windows 98, too? (I have a Windows 98 virtual machine).
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I know that the WBZ problem happened to me when I was on 98. Unfortunately that machine is toast, and I no longer have the files in question, the version of xnview with the problem, nor win 98 to try to re-create the problem with (it doesn't occur now, but I have no way of knowing whether it's due to different WBZ files (although it did it to me with all WBZ files on win98), a different version of xnview (although I did try re-creating it with the same version, without success), or being on XP).
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I can confirm that the 1.93.6 (1-may-2008) installer doesn't remove the -slide option... it might have been there from an older installation, or it puts it, but when I removed it, it's working OK.