Customize the Background of Select Folders?

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Customize the Background of Select Folders?

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Do (any of the versions of) XnView have the option to customize the appearance of specific folder/ folders trees? Like many people my desktop Windows theme is a tiled dark graphic, easy on the eyes, so elements appearing on my Windows desktop must be white (or light colored) as a result or they couldn't be seen. Can XnView help with this? For example, let's say I have a collection of white icons, stored in a folder tree. Could I save an XnView setting with the preference that I always want a black background for any graphic/text appearing in this folder tree, even as my default is an ivory color for all other folders/drives? —not just the graphics, but the entire environment within which these white icons/text appear? It's Friday and I'm exhausted so I apologize if I haven't worded this correctly! Thanks all.
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Re: Customize the Background of Select Folders?

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No sorry there is no way
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