Remembering photos as imported

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Remembering photos as imported

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I am not sure if this has been addressed and may not be possible in the software even. It is related to searching for duplicate photos, but isn't quite the same.

I think that a true 'import new only' option is highly desirable. Fujifilm's refusal to support macOS on import software means looking elsewhere. With my Canon gear however, EOS Utility always allows only 'new images' to be imported, even if they have been deleted from the computer already.

This is not the same as 'skip duplicates'.

The circumstance arises, say, after importing a batch of photos, I have a quick look at the computer and deleted some. But then if the next lot of photos from the card is imported under a simple 'skip duplicates' rule, the deleted photos are re-imported.

I often like to keep photos on the cards as backup while travelling or working, but backup a number of times, and perhaps looking at some on the computer and deleting non-keepers. It is a pain to have to individually delete from the card as well.

Is this currently possible with XNView or an be implemented?
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Re: Remembering photos as imported

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do you talk about 'import and sort' feature?
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