Stop XnView from skipping pictures in full screen mode?

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Stop XnView from skipping pictures in full screen mode?

Postby pol44 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:57 am

Running 2.40 Desktop on Win7

I'm in a directory with a lot of similar pictures searching for something that the thumbnails are not detailed enough to show. I pick a starting picture and enter full screen mode. Now I want to cycle through many hundred pictures displaying them all looking for an event. If I hold down the Page Down key, XnView often skips pictures and can go for many seconds without updating the screen at all. Directories with older smaller pictures work correctly so it's like a background rendering thread is giving up and moving to the next picture over and over while never updating the screen.

Any way to turn this behavior off and fully display each picture before going on to the next as fast as the machine will allow? Users are generally going to go back to the thumbnail screen for a significant repositioning in a directory so this behavior seems like a bug almost. Pressing Page Down repeatably also seems to skip pictures if I do it too fast (and it's not practical when I want to quickly scan through many hundred).

Thanks for any suggestions and for offering a great product.

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