PSD Format convertion to AI possible?

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PSD Format convertion to AI possible?

Post by Ruby »

Hi there,

I worked the most with inkscape.
Now I got a PSD format which inkscape cannot see/open :o .
So I downloaded XnView Software, but cannot find an option or way to convert the PSD file into ai file, so that I can edit it in inkspace.

I already used these 3 online platforms to let it be converted there, but none of them cold be used with inkscape afterwards, I couldn't open the file or it was empty when opening it: ... 397a3f7a0/

Does anybody know how it works with XnView or other free software to convert a PSD file to ai that is editable with inkscape :shock: ?

Thanks a lot

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Re: PSD Format convertion to AI possible?

Post by cday »

I believe there are several versions of the PSD format as it has evolved, but in any case the list of formats supported by XnView indicates that only reading AI is supported, there is no support for writing to AI... :(
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Re: PSD Format convertion to AI possible?

Post by XnTriq »

XnView doesn't support vector-to-vector conversion.